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About Human Performance International

About Right Side

Human Performance International (HPI) is a consulting firm that specializes in Human Resources management and performance enhancement. We believe that the understanding of human behavior is the key to identifying and developing successful people. Success is assured when the individual’s personality, temperament and work-style are consistent with the demands of the position and goals of the company or team.

HPI enhances the productivity of an organization’s individual and team resources through job related behavioral assessments, organizational audits and needs assessments, as well as our proven psychological strategies for peak performance. We identify the behavioral potential of individuals as well as the behavioral demands of the position and workplace. Our selection and placement services ensure your people are the right fit for your organization.

Our considerable expertise is focused to help you better understand the strengths of your current and prospective personnel, and to provide you with insight into how to most effectively manage both your incumbents and those who you may select to become affiliated with your organization.



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